Judith Dochnahl Health Coaching

Judith Dochnahl Health Coaching


In office coaching services are offered at 109 Division Street, Cobb, WI, 53526

Please call 608-623-3800



for a appointment.

Telephone mentoring/coaching services.

"Hi Judith, I just wanted to express my gratitude and joy about someone who has decided to carry on  the spirit of Dr. Versendaal.  After his passing, I had no guidance  until you and I started coaching.  I have been able to resume, with great success, my hearts' work,  Thank You, Judith!"

Dr. Patrick

Dr. Judith, thank you for the picture diagrams, even though I've taken anatomy classes, they haven't covered
what I'm learning from you!  They have been so helpful..
Your clients should really appreciate all the work you put into helping them.
I am so very grateful for you and to you!
Vangelee 🌸

Individual Mentoring

Your Office or personal space. 

"The in-office training and intensive client instructional event at our clinic was invaluable. We were able to see visible results with several of them during the short 2 days they attended. For example, one of my infants from feeding therapy was able to nurse for the first time in his life and several people left virtually pain free. I was able to glean a plethora of knowledge about the human body and am more motivated than ever to increase this part of my business to confidently make a difference in the lives of those in my practice. I will be looking forward to having Dr. Judith back in a few months for another health coaching event."

Maria D