Judith Dochnahl Health Coaching

Judith Dochnahl Health Coaching

"My husband and I both agreed to do work on our bodies, our goals were to primarily deal with pain or general function.  I can say that our marriage has benefited from the commitment to Dr. Judith.  Even our sex life has gone from average to phenomenal within the past two months. We are setting  all  kinds records." 


To all considering Health Coaching with Dr Dochnahl;

"I bought myself a new lease on life" is how I described my week of intensive coaching

at Dr. Dochnahl's office.  My wife and I were there in January of 2017 after having gone  medical route for a motor vehicle accident that permanently damaged my  right knee, being diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, and cardio myopathy.  The coaching is enabling me to function so much better in everything I do like working, walking, even resting so much more comfortably. I know that it can greatly improve your health which will be a huge improvement in your life.      John       

"I'm so very excited! I forgot to tell you. I am now able to walk in the sand on the beach without shoes or orthotics! NO PAIN or foot cramps! I haven't been able to do that since I was a teenager! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Judith!"


Andrea is sleeping much better, her  head pressure is getting less,

her anxiety is improving and SHE CAN WATCH TV AGAIN.

She has her heart set on complete resolution of her health

challenges and we aim to help coach her to complete success!



"I do have to say that the most I ever felt taken care of started December 8th, 2004, the day I started working for Dr. Judith."


"In my humble opinion, God, prayer, and Health Coaching are a miraculous combination. I would not want to be without any of the above!"


"Being coached by a Health Coach is something that I always have looked for in healing my body. I prefer to use natural methods and learn about how to accomplish my health goals without invasive procedures or medications."


"Health Coaching Unlocked my son's speech."


"This health care/coaching approach saved my life and we can now build as a family. This my #1 choice to attain and maintain my full recovery of health, fitness and active lifestyle."



"Just like Dr. V, Dr. Judith is a brilliant coach.  And, when she coaches,  I think,  "really", and follow the protocol with high levels of success.  Dr. Judith has mastered SRT, and by incorporating this tool into practice you too, will see many miracles occur with your coaching clients. " 


                                                                   Dr. Don

"My Health Coach helped me get rid of the daily headaches that I have endured for well over 10 years.  I have tried many methods (not to mention the bottles and bottles of aspirin I've used to mask the pain!). Judith Dochnahl has allowed me to be headache free permanently, I can't remember the last time I took an Excedrin.  Additionally, I have been delaying the inevitable bunion surgery on both feet for the past three years. Thanks to my  Health Coach, a double bunion surgery that I thought I could not avoid is no longer a remote consideration."


"I have worked with  Judith Dochnahl Health Coaching for several years.  I find it very interesting how the coaching system works and can be so very fruitful in finding the cause of health issues. Especially when it may have occurred years ago."



" Thank you Dr. Judith for never giving up and convincing me that being healthy would be my reality.  Your light will always shine and the whole universe responds with love and gratitude for YOU!".


" I know that when I get coaching with Dr. Judith, I get what I need.... It is awesome to have such wonderful coaching."


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Hello  Judith.

I appreciate you.

I am grateful for you.

I thank God for bringing you into my life to help me and my family!

Thank you for helping us achieve greater health and well being!

Cynthia, CPA

"Judith recently spent five days coaching my family and teaching us about health coaching. She worked tirelessly from early morning until midnight daily. 

Two members were relieved of back pain they have had for years.  My grandson ran his fastest race time ever!  And, They moved him up to the "A Team" in track!

We all sleep better and have less stress!"


Ms. Julia (foreground), age 1, grew 1 whole inch in the last 20 days while Ms. Alivia, age 5, grew 1/2 inch in the last 10 days. Mommy, Maria, makes sure the girls get their homework done on a daily basis, asks good questions and purchases the equipment/nutrition/coaching to make this all happen.

Needless to say, having her child classified as "Failure to Thrive" was very difficult for Maria. She has been working with Health Coaching when her coach tweaked her work in the last 3 months. The growth prior to "tweaking" was 1/8 of an inch in the previous 3 months for Julia.

Mom's intention for the girls? To be 90's five times over of course!


Carol was diagnosed with Ocular Migraines two years ago. This resulted in symptoms of complete vision impairment that interrupted her daily tasks as well as her work. These episodes would last the spring into the summer. It made her feel exhausted. She had daily symptoms.

Much to her delight she is doing much better!